Kristie is a woman of many talents and hobbies. A genealogist, knitter, crocheter, card designer, grammar nut, and book-a-holic (we could go on) from Minnesota who lives with her two amazing cats. She has been known to be pretty geeky about spreadsheets, pencils, and legislative policy.

Bert is a graphic designer from Minnesota who loves to be creative in any way that he can. From knitting, designing, leatherworking, origami, he’ll try just about anything that lets him be creative. Bert lives with his wife and 4 kids (although two are off on their own with a third about to join them), his mom, and a dog and three cats.

Kristie and Bert met at a local knitting group and realized how much they had in common and wondered why they weren’t friends sooner! Since then they’ve been Stitchin’ and bitchin’ together ever since.¬† After gabbing away at local knit gatherings for years, they decided to share their gift of gab and their unusual insights with the world.